Cityscape trends Services is simply the expression of the will of simple Kenyan citizens involved in the cleaning business for over 5 years in Kenya, and who have realized that Kenyan people and businesses are ready for a project that offers good quality cleaning, and maintenance of potted plants services, whilst minimizing the impact on the Kenyan nature and that offers an opportunity for the most vulnerable in our society to earn a decent living and to work in decent conditions, all at a fair price.

We have embedded our business strategy and operations with the UN guiding principles and SDGs.

UN Guiding Principles

Our business is based on some key business principles:

  • Anti-Corruption
  • Human Rights
  • Labor Laws
  • Environment


We don’t engage in any corruption. We refuse corruption in its material and social forms and we cannot violate what we believe in

Human Rights

We do our business in ethical and responsible manner respecting the rights of people for their dignity.

We also strive to offer fair and decent working conditions to all employees, empowering women from the poorest districts and disabled people offering them decent wages and access to training/vocational education.

We provide the highest level of quality to customers, and consistency in service and standards, by offering appropriate training to staff, and  securing their loyalty and motivation to go a great job consistently through fair employment opportunities.

Labor Laws

We are fully compliant with labor and tax laws of Kenya. We ensure all government, company and employees are paid on time.

We are committed to ensure that employees at CST can take home salaries that are not only above the Kenya Government minimum wage limits, as stipulated in the Employment Act, but those that can ensure decent livelihoods and economic prosperity.


We do our business using cleaning detergents that are friendly and biodegradable that do not harm the environment. To provide a clean, green and safe environment.

Providing a “safe” environment to customers’ staff and eventual product or service users, by providing educated staff concerned with quantities and impact of products used, thus minimizing the usage of hazardous chemicals.

We minimize the impact on natural environment, by using bio degradable products whenever possible, and investing in technology to optimize the use of natural resources, first and foremost, water.