Cycling to work Program

Cycling to work is a project by Cityscape Trends Services Ltd, commissioned by Mary W. Thuo. she is a champion if human rights, the Sustainable development goals and the Women Empowerment program run by the UN Women. The Cycling to work initiative stems from the need to provide means of transport for employees; especially low-income earners. This is an affordable way of commute that will empower the employees to be independent and also motivated as they can control how they get to work while saving on both time and money.

 Working the service industry can be unpredictable and this especially so when it comes to transportation. Realizing that organizations have widespread branches, they end up spending so much of their working capital on transport to move their staff to their various work stations. While for some this works, it is not sustainable for either the organization or the environment by contributing to the greenhouse gas emissions. In this decade, organizations are growing more environmental conscious and are looking to reduce their carbon footprint to minimize the negative effect their businesses have on climate change. Cycling to work initiative seeks to ease the employers’ burden by providing an alternative means of transport while playing a role in ensuring community development and environmental sustainability