Mazingira bora Program

This translates to a good environment in Swahili. This program seeks to ensure that our business operations do not cause negative impacts on the environment. In our own way we are working towards achieving a carbon neutral operation within the organisation.

Within this program we have the Green Cleaning objective based on SDG 13- Climate Action.

The Green cleaning objective is where we have introduced eco friendly cleaning into our business. Our products used are either Bio- degradable or environmentally safe. This is also translated into our packaging. We ensure that our packaging is recyclable and when applicable reusable, this minimizes waste and overuse of plastic packaging.

Furthemore, we have the Cycling to work project. This project was launched ealy 2020 to provide clean transport for our employees. It began with a pilot project where six bicycles were issued and over a period of three months we observed the impact of cycling to work in the lives of the pilot team. We observed  that they were reporting to work earlier than before when they would use public transport to get to work. They are more energized through the day and have significantly less requests for mid month salary advance from the team.

The cycling to work project not only targets the health and wellbeing of our team but also minimizes the use of motorized transport which in turn minimized our carbon footprint as an organization.