When people come together great things happen. World biggest and most pressing humanity challenges cannot be solved by individuals or government alone. That’s why government, communities, NGOs, private sector, civil societies, religious leaders must put their heads together and come up with a solution to solve the problem in hand. For example, Rwanda became one of the cleanest countries because private sector, community and government came together to ensure all that was implemented. These are sustainable initiatives that create prosperous society and peace. New Culture and new habits like cleaning reduce crime rates.



Everything keeps changing, the world keeps evolving hence every individual and every company should do the same. Least you phased out because of market shifts and trends.

Individuals need to learn new skills even for our vulnerable groups we now have to train them how to use technology least they will be phased out in the society. Right now after engaging them only 3 have smart phones, we need to get connected through training; daily updates on everyday progress hence continuity.

Right now if we can empower workers they don’t need to work for one company, you can work for more companies around the world and learn new skills.

Currently we still can’t work from home because we need to change from desktops to laptops, from built-in servers to cloud systems. For example we saw many companies that were phased out due to lack of digitalization because they didn’t see it coming for example Nokia, Kodak digitalization.


New business model that creates shared value

The World has lumped in crisis, millions have lost their jobs, millions are sleeping hungry and millions of businesses have closed down. This is because the business model that we have is not working anymore. Business leaders need to rethink the role of business in the society.

We can’t as businesses thrive while our society is struggling. For Cityscape Trends we are brainstorming on a model that helps people grow and thrive hence prosperous society. We look forward a Healthy business and healthy societies.



We have seen what happens when there is recession what follows next is a depression which is a negative spirit, suicide, crime rates, prostitution, murder cases, domestic violence and divorce cases increase. To avoid all this we need to be in a good state of mind i.e. good mental health by exercise walking, jogging, cycling and swimming.

The benefits include:

  • To create positive energy
  • To boost creativity
  • To boost enthusiasm
  • Being Motivated

This will help us thrive and grow health wise and mentally.

We have partnered with Buffalo Bicycles Kenya for our Cycling to Work Project where we have started with a few number of worker.