SDG 17-Partnership for the Goals

As inspired and guided by SDG No 17 on partnership for SGDs, Cityscape Trends believes strongly and passionately in partnership to achieve its commitment and dedication to realizing the SDGs; its founder espouses the trend and belief that most visionary institutions and organizations in the modern world must and often embrace partnerships.

We need strong partners to help us boost our financial literacy efforts for our employees in order for them to learn  better ways of managing their cash in savings and investments. Investing in small businesses and processes such as those in agri-business or adding value to products or even providing hygiene or other services should help buttresses the salaries they receive from us. Our appeal is to financial institutions including banks, micro-finance institutions, and Saccos among other is to partners with us in boosting financial literacy, and enrolling our employees in savings schemes that can attract customized, soft loans. We need help in order to form an employees’ Sacco and a revolving fund where they could apply for emergency and development loans on easy and convenient terms.

We also are keen and committed to partnership with development partners and institutions that fight poverty. We propose that such partners consider providing loans-guarantee schemes for our employees to allow them access business investment, education and housing loans which can be recovered over long periods from wages.

Partners could also consider having a scheme that subsidizes employees’ wages and salaries especially for the exemplary performers where cheques could be sent directly to employees’ bank accounts to complement what we pay and to ensure accountability in payment; the beneficiaries could be requested to participate in the partners’ social impact programs (SIP) as volunteers whenever possible.

We seek to appeal and suggest to local and international firms and institutions to be our contract- partners so that they can recommend their clients and related partners to give first priority to us anytime they require cleaning, hygiene and related services/products contracts. We seek that the contracts from these and other partners be for at least for four years and at cost ceilings that can ensure reliable and sustainable salaries’ streams which can enable employees have sustainable livelihood. Such salaries should also enable employees who could be servicing loans to have sustainable livelihoods. Essentially, we shall appeal to our partners, on the other hand, to appeal to their customers and secondary partners to hire our services, as aforementioned as a priority and at cost/fees ceilings that shall in turn allow us to pay living and sustainable to all our employees.

Cityscape Trends is willing and eager to discuss other innovative partnerships models with its current and potential partners in its efforts to promote shared values for communities’ and citizens’ progress and prosperity and to promote full actualization of the life-changing SDGs.