SDG No 8-Decent Work & Economic Growth.

Cityscape Trends ensures the relevance and significance of the SDG no 8 policies through the various forms of training including on the job training resulting in more employees’ awareness of their rights and obligations. As guided by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the company, which is a human capital intensive concern, emphasized the salient human rights and related issues.

Mary Thuo, the CEO, is very vocal on the importance of safeguarding the rights of the unheard, underserved and vulnerable in the Society who include the low income earners. She visits all existing customers quarterly and on a rotational basis where she also meets their (customers’) employees in efforts to share her vision on a Society that respects everyone and their human rights despite the disparity in terms of age, race, gender, economic power and religion.

Aware of the Kenya and world governments’ commitment to enshrining Human Rights and related issues in constitutions and ensuring adherence to the same, Cityscape Trends commits to ensuring gender Equality, Decent Work & Economic growth and environmentally safe Practices as some of its salient human rights issues. As a cleaning firm, its first commitment is its employees where it provides good and conducive working environment in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. This compliance apart from ensuring staff safety and right to life ensures better productivity and long-term benefits to the employees and the business.

To fight against gender inequality in the cleaning industry, Cityscape Trends chose to ensure gender equality in the often male-dominated cleaning industry and thus works comfortably with both genders.

The company commits to and supports the ILO (International Labour Organization) Declaration on Fundamental principles and rights at work. In the 2018/2019 period Cityscape Trends, ensured total compliance with OSHA regulations; ensured 100 per cent demarcation and signage of all washrooms and assessed its recognition of its staff rights to freedom of association. It also assessed whether its workers’ association with independent trade unions and its staff’s gatherings to independently discuss work related issues policy was being impeded.

Consequently, it met all OSHA representatives and is planning a way forward in efforts to become fully compliant and expects to reach this milestone by March 2020. All signage and demarcation had been attained for washrooms, energy consumption, machinery and chemical substances areas as per Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act. Further the company recognizes the need and place of independent trade unions and safe space where the employees can gather to discuss work related issues. So far none of the workers has joined any independent labour unions and their satisfaction with the working environment at Cityscape Trends has been voiced at official meetings and in informal conversations. They have confirmed that the working environment is conducive and that their grievances have been well handled.