This is what we have done:

Stay Connected

We ensure there is connection. Connection with our employees, family, friends, suppliers, identity community and our customer, where you can share your fear, how you feel, learn from others as well, help others with solutions and ideas. For our employees we are calling them to find out how they are doing, their families’ welfare and how they are handling covid19 situation. This is a way to inspire them, motivate them and keep them to have a positive mind and to ensure they stay safe by reminding them.

Government restrictions and public health directives

This ensures recovery. We have to ensure we comply to government directives especially wearing masks, washing hands, providing hand sanitizers ensuring we have soap and water, as well as dispensers that are automatic to avoid cross contamination and enabling physical distancing.

 Ensuring employees leave early before curfew hours. We have restricted our movements in lockdown areas, no moving in those areas. We are positioning ourselves in terms of laptops and gadgets for people to work at home and have alternative in terms of replacements.  Same should be applied at home, to protect your loved ones. Everything bought should be sanitized with vinegar especially bottles, because people tend to touch more in the supermarkets.

We are also monitoring government data on the wave of Coronavirus to see if we have people in those areas and what can we do to help those people. This helps us in making informed decisions.

Creating continuous awareness

It is not a switch where companies or individuals can switch on and off whenever they feel like. It is a continuous process to ensure these habits are cultivated in our culture. The more people hear the information the more people internalize and adapt new good habits hence we can quickly recover from COVID19. However if we stop creating awareness and stop thinking about the new habits i.e. they stop wearing masks, providing sanitizers and no social distancing. This promotes second wave of coronavirus pandemic. This could affect us and our economy deeply.


Activities that increase positivity

When the world goes into a recession what follows next is depression which is a negative spirit that causes domestic violence, mental illness, suicide, increased crimes rates, prostitution, murders and increase in divorce rates. People need to have some activities that create a positive mind to enable inspiration/motivation such as jogging, walking, jumping, cycling and swimming.

These activities will enable us recover quickly.


When people come together great things happen. The government cannot solve this problem alone, they need ingenuity and expertise of private sectors, community, NGOs, civil society to come together and solve some these word biggest and pressing challenges that cannot be solved by one person. For example we’ve seen Absa and others coming out to help families, who can’t feed themselves during tough times.

For us, we have partnered with Buffalo Bicycles Kenya for our Cycling to Work Project. We are still looking for more people to form partnership and collaboration to solve these problems.