SDG No 3–Good Health & Well Being

Cityscape Trends highly regards the communities it works with as crucial partners starting with its employees. It partners with the National Health Insurance fund (NHIF) to provide healthcare support to the employees and in the 2018/2019 season 10 out of the 89 employees were beneficiaries of the NHIF care marking a 7 per cent increase from the 2017/2018 period.

Out of the 89 employees, 81 took their annual leave before end of the year while 5 out of the 43 women took the three-months paid maternity leave. With the maternity leave also comes flexi hours to allow mothers the exclusive six months breast feeding which the company strongly supports. Mothers are allowed breaks during the day to breast-feed and are also allowed to leave earlier for the same. Notably, 46 men went on the 14 days paid paternity leave.
Compassionate leave is also provided and was granted to employees who got bereaved. Paid sick off was also provided during the period. The company is also consistently undertaking review of its sexual harassment and human rights policies.